Gaza Terrorists caught

April 11, 2019 by hotminnie

The Israel Defence Forces foiled early Saturday morning a major attack by Muslim terrorists from Gaza who attempted to invade Israeli in order to murder Jews. Once one of the terrorists crossed into Israel in the Kissufim area, IDF troops opened fire and eliminated four of them.
The terrorists were armed with RPG launchers, AK-47s rifles, hand grenades, and rocket-propelled grenades -one of which was thrown. In addition, they carried wire cutters to cut through the security border fence in order to invade Israel and murder Jews.


The terrorists were eliminated by troops from the Golani 12th Battalion. There are no injuries among the IDF.


Once again, Hamas is trying to fool the media by stating that three of the eliminated terrorists were members of the Hamas’ unit responsible for preventing infiltrations into Israel near the perimeter fence. Three of the Muslim terrorists were named as Abdullah Hamaida, aged 21; Abdullah a-Ghari, aged 19, and Ahmed Adini, aged 20.
The terror group said that the three were pursuing a fourth terrorist who was carrying explosives and was trying to reach the fence. According to Hamas, this was when the IDF troops opened fire and killed the four. According to Hamas, the fourth terrorist belonged to the Salafist branch of ISIS in Gaza.
Ten days ago, three IDF soldiers were wounded and a Muslim terrorist was eliminated in a shooting attack on the Gaza border. The Muslim terrorist, who was wearing a Hamas uniform and was armed with grenades and a Kalashnikov, opened fire at Golani troops who were deployed to the area.
The eliminated terrorist allegedly belonged to same Hamas unit responsible for restraining border terrorism.



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