Anti-Semitic hate crimes on the rise

February 28, 2019 by hotminnie

❌ Sydney – An antisemitic graffiti was sprayed outside the Jewish Museum in Sydney. The inscriptions included statements comparing Israel to ISIS and more. Among other things, it says that “Jews are equal to evil” and “Jews are whores.” “Holocaust education is mandatory in Australia – why?”
❌ Bonn – Antisemitic graffiti and radical propaganda on various political issues were painted on the asphalt at the Rhine dam in the German town over the weekend. The slogans were probably written with chalk. Due to the partly antisemitic content of the graffiti, the police was involved in the investigations.
❌ Les Pavillons-sous-Bois – A Jewish family from a commune in the eastern suburbs of Paris, received in their mailbox a letter with antisemitic inscriptions. Swastikas and “Jews Out”, “long live Le Pen” have been written on this anonymous letter.
❌ Montrouge – Statements celebrating the Holocaust were sent in a letter to a Jewish school in the southern suburbs of Paris and, separately, the words “death to Jews” were painted on the fence of a synagogue north of the city. The letter reads: “Arab countries would have lived in peace if Adolf Hitler finished exterminating all the Jews” and “France is a rear base of Zionism in Europe”.
❌ Paris – A Jewish man was attacked with rocks, tear gas and anti-Semitic insults by a group of Muslims terrorists in the Saint-Brice suburbs.
❌ Antwerp – Last Tuesday evening, two yeshiva students on their way to the yeshiva, were stopped by two Muslim terrorists riding bicycles and brutally beaten by them in the middle of the street. According to reports, the police are investigating the hate crime and managed to identify the attackers by cameras that were in the area.
❌ Buenos Aires – The Chief Rabbi of Argentina Rabbi Gabriel Davidovich was brutally beaten in his home in the early hours of Monday morning and has been hospitalized with serious injuries. Davidovich’s wife was tied up during the home invasion. The assailants stole money and other possessions from the home while also telling Davidovich “We know that you are the AMIA Rabbi.”
❌ San Luis – Nine graves at the Jewish cemetery of San Luis, a town in central Argentina, have been desecrated during the weekend.
❌ London – An elderly man said to be in his 70s and holding a walking stick, was left with ‘blood pouring from his mouth’ in a brutal antisemitic attack in broad daylight. Passersby were left horrified after an attacker described as being in his 30s and with a shaved head, targeted the defenseless pensioner in Islington, London at around 2.15pm today. The attacker repeatedly punched him in the face as he lay bleeding on the ground, a witness said.



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