Terrorists earn cash

February 7, 2018 by hotminnie

Russian Ambassador to the UN: IS terrorists earn cash through online casinos

The revenues of IS terror group from the sales of crude oil have shrunk to $2 million a month and it is currently looking for new sources of finance, Vassily Nebenzya, the Russian Ambassador to the UN said on Thursday at a meeting of the UN Security Council.
“As a result of successful operations of the Syrian Armed Forces that enjoy the support of the Aerospace Force of the Russian Federation, IS has lost access to the vital oil and gas deposits and to the channels for their transportation and sales,” he said.
“In these conditions, IS has plunged into a frantic search for new sources of subsistence,” Nebenzya said. “They’re refining their skills in the utilization of up-to-date technologies. For instance, accomplices of the terrorists steal the money of innocent civilians through internet shops in one of the countries neighboring Syria.”
“Nor are the fighters for the Caliphate ashamed of making money through online casinos,” he said adding that the Muslim terrorists were using intensively the already established system of messengers and the Hawala, an informal system of financial settlements in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, which experts believe is closely linked to money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
He called attention to IS terrorists striving to invest in legal businesses outside the Middle East.
“Some Western companies also seem to have an itch to do business with terrorists,” Nebenzya said. “We think such issues deserve investigation by authorities of the countries where they crop up.”.



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