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March 18, 2017 by hotminnie

The Hot & Rash blog is being accused of not naming authors of articles. We take notice.
The accusers, whoever they may be as they stay holed up, forget an important fact: Thousands of newspapers and other media worldwide, and hundreds of thousands of webblogs do the same. Meaning, publish articles without names.
A pity, but still a fact.
The reason is usually the same everywhere. If a newspaper or a blog is publishing an article not fully politically correct, the author, if named, would be in danger to receive threats, or would be in danger of assaults of all kinds. Freedom of opinion is quite obviously an outdated basic right. If the politicial opponents say otherwise you might end up dead.
We regularly are receiving a large number of articles but are picky in publishing them, especially if the contents are not sufficiently substantiated. Due to serious bomb and other threats we had to relocate our premises for the time being away from Germany.
We decided to not anymore include names of authors, except when asked otherwise, or if the author’s rights are to be acknowledged. Period.
If you don’t like this policy you may consider to refrain from reading.
Our decision stands, for security reasons.



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