UNESCO shouldn’t be on our side

October 25, 2016 by hotminnie

Jews in Israel and around the world are in an uproar after the UNESCO passed a resolution rejecting the historical Jewish connection to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. Naturally, this resolution caused unrest. In fact, the UN action came about a couple days after an Arab terrorist opened fire in Jerusalem, killing two Jews. So the question remains, how could the UN have the audacity to make such a claim?
In reality, there is nothing about which to be upset. The United Nations should not be on our side. Their most recent claim shows that we, the nation of Israel, must be doing something right.
As Jews, our greatest honor throughout history has been our dedication to differentiating ourselves from the other nations. During the enslaved exile in Egypt, we survived because we maintained our individuality as Jews. We did not change our names or our language and kept our modest style of dress. The famous victory of Hanukkah was a result of the Jews refusing to give in to assimilation.
All in all, we have survived throughout our entire history by rejecting the temptation to conform to other nations and their demands of us. Comparatively, in modern times, Israel is persistently pressured by other nations to change things we do. Unfortunately, many people in Israel try very hard to gain respect and approval from the other nations. This, however, is problematic as history teaches us that in order to survive, it is imperative that we preserve and embrace our differences from the rest of the world.
The fact that the United Nations continually passes resolutions against us means we are successfully sustaining our Jewish identity, and not blending in with the rest of the world. It may be hard for the United Nations to accept that we will be thriving in every inch of our homeland from now until forever, but they do not need to accept this. We know what is right and what is ours. We must refuse to mold to the expectations of the rest of the world.
We will continue to create history while the United Nations attempts to erase it.

Alyse Lichtenfeld



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