Antisemitismus in Florida

June 22, 2016 by hotminnie


Der Terroranschlag in Orlando, bei dem ein homosexueller islamischer Terrorist Menschen wie auf dem Schießstand abknallte, war nur die Spitze einer zunehmenden Gewaltbereitschaft.
Die US–Anti-Defamation League (ADL) brachte die neue Statistik in die Öffentlichkeit. In Florida allein hatte es 2015 insgesamt 91 gemeldete antisemitische Vorfälle gegeben, gegenüber 70 in 2014.
In den USA war die Zahl von 2014 auf 2015 von 912 auf 941 gestiegen, jeweils mit einer hohen Dunkelziffer nicht gemeldeter Fälle.



asem3und Bemalungen waren nur ein Teil dieser Vorfälle. Die gewalttätigen Übergriffe gegen Juden, ein guter Teil der Vorfälle, waren USA-weit um 22 Prozent gestiegen, in Florida jedoch um 42 Prozent. Gemeldete Übergriffe in Universitäten stiegen von 47 in 2014 auf 90 in 2015.

Einige Beispiele davon, aus Florida (Originaltext):
Boca Raton: A rabbinical student was walking when an assailant on a bike shouted at him that “Jews should go back to Auschwitz. Hitler was right.” An altercation occurred between the two.
Anti-Semitic Acts On College Campuses
The ADL national audit reported a dramatic increase in anti-Semitic incidents on college campuses nationally in 2015. A total of 90 incidents were reported on 60 college campuses nationally, compared with 47 such incidents reported on 43 campuses in 2014.
University of Central Florida: Anti-Semitic and racist stickers were placed at various places on the University of Central Florida campus, including newsstands and areas near dormitories. One sticker had a Star of David and the words “1%” and “Bankers” underneath, another had a Nazi swastika depicted on a flag.
University of Florida: Three cars were vandalized with swastikas and F*$k.4
Margate: During Sabbath morning services at a synagogue, nails were found under the tires of multiple vehicles.
Hollywood: Hateful messages were painted on the walls of a synagogue that was under construction, including perverted pictures, the words “(Expletive) the Jews” and “We’re watching you”.
Winter Park: A swastika and hateful messaging was spraypainted on a family’s home.
Boca Raton: A was swastika painted on the ground in the student parking lot of a high school.3
Boca Raton: A wall outside of an apartment complex was vandalized with graffiti including a Star of David, a plus sign, a heart, another plus sign, a swastika, an equal sign followed by several unidentified symbols.
Miami Beach: A family awoke to find F*%k Jews etched onto their car window, along with a swastika. Many of the family’s relatives perished in the Holocaust.
Deland: The word Jew was written on front door and garage in what appears to be black marker. According to the victim, there was no ornamentation on the home indicating that she and her family are Jewish.
Harassment, Threats And Events
Miami Beach: Two individuals walked by a synagogue, and yelled “Allahu Akhbar!” (Arabic for Allah is great – it is both a religious term as well as one usurped by Islamic extremists) at an individual at the synagogue. One of the individuals then yelled that “heads will be cut off”, and then stated directly to the synagogue attendee – “I will cut your head off.”
St. Petersburg: A couple were nominated for the positions of President and secretary of their condominium association, and won the positions in a Board election. An outgoing association leader was incensed at their election, since they allegedly owed dues, and in front of numerous individuals and association members said “I will get rid of the f?*cking Jews.”
Highland Beach: After an online discussion negotiating the price of a project with a construction contractor, the apartment owner decided not to proceed. The owner then received several nasty messages from the contractor, one of which included the language “Up Yours Jew Bastard”.
Port St. Lucie: When an individual was terminated from his employment due to work-related errors, he inquired about complaints he had made beforehand regarding his supervisor making anti-Semitic remarks to him in front of other employees.
Coral Springs: A Jewish individual’s neighbors used anti-Semitic user-names for their wi-fi signals, including ‘Jew F*$k’ and ‘Kike Killer’.
Orlando: A news station received an email from an individual writing from out-of-state, identifying as a Muslim born in Palestine. In the email, the individual indicates that Jewish places of worship in the U.S. are ‘the best places to attack first for Hamas in America’.
Boynton Beach: A restaurant manager, after a disagreement with a customer over the price of a special-listed food item, told an individual and his son that “You Jews are no longer welcomed here.”
Delray Beach: Multiple employees at a Jewish organization received anti-Semitic and threatening phone calls from a caller over the span of a single day

Der Hauptteil dieser Übergriffe kam von Moslems, die allgemein und auch in Europa sehr freizügig ihren Hass auf Juden zeigen und mit den bei ihnen beliebten Nazi-Symbolen nicht sparen. Die Täter werden in den meisten Fällen von CAIR und anderen islamischen Organisationen geschützt und verteidigt; so wie in Orlando.



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