Islamic Terror in Africa

January 16, 2016 by hotminnie


An al-Qaeda affiliate known as AQIM, or al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, claimed responsibility online as the attack was ongoing in downtown Ouagadougou at two hotels, according to the SITE Intelligence Group.

ouagadougouIn a message posted in Arabic on the extremists’ “Muslim Africa” Telegram account, it said fighters “broke into a restaurant of one of the biggest hotels in the capital of Burkina Faso, and are now entrenched and the clashes are continuing with the enemies of the religion.” Fighters who spoke by phone later “asserted the fall of many dead Crusaders,” AQIM said, according to SITE.
After the morning call to prayer signaled a new day in this West African nation, security forces took control of the Splendid Hotel they searched nearby hotels for other extremists in hiding. The search continued after security forces found and killed a fourth extremist at the Hotel Yibi, the president said.
Foreign witnesses said the attackers – which according to some accounts included two women terrorists – had deliberately singled out westerners for execution as they calmly went about their killing spree at the Cappuccino. “They kept coming back. You’d think it was over, then they’d come back and shoot more people.“
Altogether, at least 30 people died, with an additional 60 wounded.
The hotel attack in Mali in November was also claimed by a leader of AQIM, who said it had been carried out as a declaration of unity with Algerian militant Moktar Belmoktar’s extremist group Al-Mourabitoun, according to an audio speech that was distributed by SITE at the time. Belmoktar was a former leader in AQIM before starting his own group, which now has merged back with al-Qaeda.



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