Vermummung unerwünscht

August 20, 2015 by hotminnie


Pakistan ist einer der größten islamischen Staaten. Andere Religionen sind unerwünscht. Pakistan leidet unter heftigem Extremismus, der oft auch unerwartete Formen annehmen kann.
Eine Lehrerin schrieb einen offenen Brief, um ihr Leid zu klagen.

I have been teaching in one of the most well known and sought after institutions of Lahore since the last 5 years. I enjoy teaching, I love interacting with youth, and my enthusiasm is reciprocated by my students.
3 years ago, I started wearing the abaya and nikab included. The choice was my own and not forced upon me. It was in no way a hindrance in my pedagogical skills. The administration of the school has an amazing reaction to the turn of events. From trying to convince me indirectly of the unnecessary nuisance of my chosen avatar, to being hidden away from public eye as if I have indulged in a crime, there was no stone left unturned. I put up with all with patience and perseverance.
Last year, the head I report to was obviously impressed with my A type personality, and gave me hints of a promotion. Being a single mother, I pushed myself beyond the call of duty to make this promotion absolutely possible. When the time came, I was told that the higher-ups do not allow nikabis to be promoted. I would have been fine with their decision, but what really pinches me is that the increments I receive are equal to that of the teachers who really just dodge work.
Demotivated by the turn of events, I applied to other institutions. All of these institutions were only too happy to read my CV but the moment they saw me, they asked me directly to take my nikab down if I wanted to teach.
Being a citizen of the second largest Muslim state, it is an honour for me. But unfortunately it seems like this nation is embarrassed of having a hard working practicing Muslim as its citizen.

In ihrer Überheblichkeit dachte die Lehrerin nicht an zwei sehr offensichtliche Kleinigkeiten:
Kinder wollen ihre Lehrer sehen, ihnen ins Gesicht blicken dürfen. Sie wollen keine Person, die sich nur als Avatar sieht. Eine vermummte Frau, die hinter einem Stoffvorhang spricht, ist nichts, was Kinder verstehen können und wollen.
Die Vollvermummung, das sind Niqab und Burka, ist nicht nur in Pakistan ein Zeichen für radikale Gesinnung. Für Pakistan scheint das verständlich zu sein. Für Extremisten nicht.

Für Europa, das von vollvermummten Frauen (oder Männern?) überschwemmt wird, anscheinend auch noch nicht.



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